Modernized loading technology

Inductive drive technology increases efficiency in a precast plant

When lattice girder floors in the Weyersheim plant of Rector Lesage have been preassembled and are ready for shipment, they are moved by lift truck out of the production hall and into the storage areas outside. Here, they are picked up by forklift trucks. The lift truck is powered cordless by induction and can transport loads weighing up to about 24 tons. This special handling was a task for Vollert Anlagenbau.

With the “Retrofit” concept, Vollert modernizes existing precast production facilities and outfits them with state-of-the-art technology. A return on investment (ROI) can be realized in many cases within a short time, due to increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Rector Lesage is one of the leading manufacturers of precast prestressed concrete components in France. The company employs a workforce of about 700 in its 20 locations. In the Alsatian Weyersheim, lattice girder floors are manufactured. The pallet circuit used for this purpose is from Vollert Anlagenbau. Within the scope of a...

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