Committed to innovation

50 years of MC-Bauchemie

 Numerous guests accepted the invitation of MC-Bauchemie and attended the anniversary press conference held in Bottrop/Germany on June 30 this year. A welcoming address of Mayor Monika Budke was followed by the presentation of an installation made by the artist Werner Haypeter, who is internationally well-known from many exhibitions and projects.

For the now presented installation spreading over two walls and creating a bracket that structures the space, Haypeter deliberately chose the materials concrete and epoxy resin originating from the familiar work environment of MC.

Furthermore, the press conference was also reason for the presentation of a special book project. In close cooperation with international university professors and renowned building experts, a „State of the Art Report“ covering about 500 pages is created at present comprising various fields of activity, in which the jubilee company is also operating. A large number of technical papers deals with, among others, topics like „development in concrete technology“, „surface protection in areas exposed to permanent water load“ as well as „strengthening of building structures by sealing injections“. The book is expected for publication in autumn.

Frank Huppertz, Manager of the Division Construction Chemicals at MC, reported on the „evolution“ in the field of concrete additives. In the last few years, they developed more and more rapidly in particular in view of the tendency of ever higher and more filigree building structures. The concrete additives based on polycarboxylate ether (PCE) were to be classified as the highlight of this development. „Already in the mid 1990s, MC realized this trend and established a special development department for chemicals. It is exclusively dealing with this topic and developed a superplasiticizer based on PCE allowing to manufacture visually appealing ultra high performance concretes,“ Huppertz explained. In order to increase the flexibility in production and the availability of the primary matter and the raw materials, MC-Bauchemie is presently building a plant for the production of polymeric materials at its location in Bottrop.

Dr. Peer Heine, Manager Flooring Systems at MC, reported on innovative coating systems in the field of industrial floors, which had to meet highest challenges in terms of impact and visual appearance. „MC was able to set new standards in the industry, in particular, with the floor coating systems of the MC-DUR product range. Hence, for example, MC-DUR 2095 achieves high surface strength and an enormous cleaning ability by using high-tech materials and nanotechnology. Besides visually pleasing surfaces, for the constructor this also means a high degree of cost savings due to reduced cleaning efforts,“ Heine explained. It is thus possible to finish coating surfaces and to recondition and repair old and worn out surfaces in an easy way.

„Also for the future, we consider to be on the right path with the innovative product systems. We intend to continue to pursue this course consequently so as to provide our partners always practice-oriented and customer-specific solutions as well as a comprehensive support and service package“, said MC Managing Director, Dr. Bertram R. Müller.

For 50 years now, the medium-sized company has been available for avant-garde solutions for finishing of concrete and for the preservation of building structures. In this way, MC became one of the leading international manufacturers of building chemical products and technologies. Today, the company is researching, developing and manufacturing at more than 20 production sites. In 40 associated companies across Europe and overseas technical engineers are available as contacts supporting planners, operators and users of building structures and facilities as well as construction companies. At present, the group of companies has a workforce of about 1,800 people. The company generates 80 percent of the business volume outside Germany.


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