50th anniversary of Würschum

Dosing machines with global success

 Würschum is a globally active, highly specialized expert for dosing and filling machines, who is well known for his innovative and customer focused business approach. July 1st , 2011 Würschum company celebrated it´s 50 year anniversary.

The line of products includes metering cylinders, electronic weighers, gear pumps, piston metering machines, complete filling lines and metering systems. Amongst the customers are companies from the chemical and concrete industry, as well as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and paint industry. Approximately 55 % of the manufactured machines are exported directly in more than 40 plus countries. Würschum is represented in the U.S., Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, South Africa and Australia. During the past 50 years, more than 120,000 machines have been manufactured and sold. Certainly, they have set up a quality management system according to ISO 9001 already, which started in 1998.


Company history

July 1st, 1961 was the registration date of the newly founded company  „Gebrüder Würschum OHG – Tools and Apparatuses“ in Esslingen, Germany. The two brothers Martin and Gerhard Würschum started with engineering customer designed machines for various industries. Gerhard Würschum was working during these years as a young engineer for Liebherr in Biberach. He helped develop the first stationary concrete batching plants. A metering system for “mixing oil” was needed, but not available on the market. That was the starting idea for the first product of the company. Originally, the Würschum company was intended as a design and engineering office, but very soon the fist machines were build.

Together with the brothers Martin and Hermann Würschum, in 1962 they started to manufacture the first “fine metering machine” in the barn of their grandmother. Other products were specialized manufacturing tools. 1968 saw the construction of the first manufacturing plant with office facility. Now the product range could be extended and included special tailor made machines.

In 1970, the company changed the name and was then called: “Würschum OHG – Metering systems and machinery“ with 12 employees. Hermann Würschum continued with the tool products in his own company. With the increased product range, the need for a strategic decision arose, resulting in the sale of the special machine range. Now the focus could be back on the metering machines for the concrete industry and the filling machines.

To reflect the new focus, the name changed again in 1982 into: “Würschum GmbH – Metering systems and filling machines“ with the owners and managing directors Martin and Gerhard Würschum. The number of employees was growing rapidly. Therefore, a new production hall was added to accommodate the now 25 employees in this year.

In 1992, a completely new office building was added, so the top floor of the old hall could be used for manufacturing as well. Now, there was space for 35 employees and a further rise of turnover.

As early as 1990, the next generation Hubert and Volker Würschum joined the company. Hubert Würschum as an engineer was a key in the development of new metering systems, one of them was the patented granular system. Volker Würschum introduced modern PC-based network in the company and also the expansion of export sales, which quickly jumped over 50% of total sales. A big part of the increase in export sales was contributed by the U.S. sales office “Advanced Concrete Technology” founded in 1989.

When Martin Würschum and Gerhard Würschum retired at the end of 1990s, the new generation of Hubert and Volker Würschum was ready to take on the responsibility.


Metering systems for the concrete industry

The metering systems for the concrete industry comprise specialized, calibratable metering and weighing system for the addition of chemical admixtures and color pigments to the fresh concrete. Thus, the company is offering the optimum system to the customer for any kind of application in the field of concrete from a wide product ranges, including:

» electronic liquid weighers

» gear metering pumps and metering cylinders

» powder pigment and granule metering systems

» metering systems for microsilica and other powders

» „stand alone“ or fully integrated computer control systems

» customized special equipment 


Filling machines and capping machines

This range comprises filling and capping machines for the chemical industry, paints and varnish, food and cosmetics industries. New developments concerning ATEX extended the product range. This range comprises, among others, manual and semi-automatic piston metering machines, fully automatic computer controlled fourfold and eightfold filling machines, single and fully automatic capping machines.


Innovation, variety and reliability

To enable providing a customer specific arrangement of the systems all of our products are based on a modular design, so they can choose from a wide range of basic components and put together the most suitable one for the customers‘ needs. Many machines are also building in a special customer version to suit specific needs.

Working closely together with customers, they find new and innovative ways of doing things better and more efficient. When designing new machines, putting the utmost focus a reliability and quality, easy to use design and highest possible ratio of cost and value. Each and every machine contributes over many years to the success of concrete plants.

Since 1970 they have been on many trade shows in Germany (Achema, Bauma, Interpack, Fachpack) and world wide (Big 5 Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, Bauma China, CTT Russia), so the company was able to learn about the specific requirements of many customers all over the world. Global exporting is an important part of company strategy and Würschum is very pleased to have so many customers around the world, from Novosibirsk to Rio de Janeiro, from Sydney to Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, Malawi or Mexico.


Customers, suppliers and staff

Being part of the company philosophy „Your satisfaction is our benchmark“, Würschum always focuses on the business partners. Trust and mutual appreciation are quite essential for a business relationship on a long-term basis. This does not only apply to the customers but also to the suppliers and above all the staff.

Looking back on the last 50 years, it can be said that many supplier relations have been existing for decades and together we have gone through ups and downs of the economy in these years.

The list of references shows countless examples of customers having decided once again in favor of Würschum when it came to capital expenditure. This company‘s success is also due to the high commitment of long-term employees.

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