StekoX®: For Ten Years Successful in the Field of Concrete Sealing Systems

The Universal Talent

 The manufacturer of sealing systems StekoX® located in Magstadt (Germany) offers an extraordinarily multi-purpose sealing material with the product FlexproofX®. It has especially been developed for the application in reinforced concrete buildings, but may also be used for non-mineral materials such as metal or glass.

FlexproofX does virtually not allow any absorption of water owing to its formulation. As a result of this and due to the very high alkali resistance, that is above all relevant in case of reinforced concrete, FlexproofX is permanently resistant to both non-pressurized and pressurized water. Even cracks and joints of a width of up to 0.25 - 1 milli- meter can be made pressurized-water proof at a water pressure of 5 bar. A „national technical approval certificate“ is available for an application with or without reinforcement fabric, as sealing of construction joints or designed crack joints as...

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