Innovations for Wasa

Now taking a new approach

  What began in the early 1990s on an abandoned site of a farmers’ co-op in the southern part of Thuringia/Germany, has by now become a global success story. Three shifts, seven days as week, are currently worked at Wasa. The plant never rests. This location focuses on the product “Wasa Uniplast.” Recently, Wetcast molds were added to the Wasa portfolio. These are also manufactured in Neubrunn.

Wasa has been offering softwood pallets since 1960. In 1985, the company took up the production of hardwood pallets. The industrial production of all-plastic boards was started in 1992 in Neubrunn/Thuringia. This product is doing extremely well.


Time-tested all-plastic production pallets

The current demand for Uniplast® amounts to approx.
80  % of the entire global pallet market. The continuous improvement of the success product was the goal that the company set itself at the beginning of the new millennium. Following the end of successful research, the advanced product Uniplast® Plus was...

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