Elematic Oy · Hall B1, booth 307/410

Elematic introduces new casting machines and FaMe products. Extruder E9 with improved compaction is for making hollow-core slabs with very high final strength. Compared to its predecessor this new extruder is of high intelligence. Automation notifies not only changes in concrete mixes, but reminds of maintenance, registers productions data and has operation and maintenance guides, and troubleshooting easily available at the modern, easy-to-use interface.

Comcaster is a multipurpose casting machine from circulating lines to battery- and single molds. It suits for any type of concrete, even for...

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Method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products

(10) US 2015/0137418 Al (22) Nov.14, 2014 (43) May 21, 2015 (71) ELEMATIC OY AB, Akaa (FI) (73) ELEMATIC OY AB, Akaa (FI) (57) A method and manufacturing facility for casting concrete products with a...

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