Segmented concrete block pavements

Analysis with optimized numerical tool

A computational model for the analysis of segmented block pavements is presented in this paper. The model is based on the method of finite displacements elements. A three-dimensional Cosserat theory is applied to capture the displacements and the rotations of the single blocks within the finite elements. Constitutive relationships are introduced to account for the elastic and plastic behavior of the joint filling material. The model can be adjusted to a wide range of laying patterns and block shapes.

The paper contains all relevant algorithms in matrix notation. The matrices are formulated in a way that a direct implementation into a displacement based three-dimensional finite element code is possible. The application of the model is presented by means of numerical simulations. The model is verified using large scale testing results.



Segmented block pavements are often used as surface sealing for container yards, industry areas, aprons of airports, city roads etc. The extensive use of these pavements (especially in heavily loaded areas) requires efficient and accurate analysis...

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