Optimizing precast structural elements

Options provided by a service-life design  

In Germany, it is so far common to dimension and manufacture precast structural elements of reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete in respect of the structural behavior, the serviceability as well as the durability according to approaches of German standard DIN 1045-1 [1]. Another possibility for optimizing precast structural elements is provided by probalistic design approaches allowing to determine a technical lifespan or a certain resistance to the existing environmental conditions by defining a relevant limit state or by a defined reliability level.


For planning and design of precast structural elements of reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete being optimized in terms of the cross section several design and pre-dimensioning facilities are available considering above all structural issues having regard to the verification of the limit state in respect of the structural behavior and serviceability as well as fire protection requirements. With growing environmental awareness and the request for “sustainable construction”, the demands on durability gain in importance too as well as the question about an examination of...

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