New standards for production plant

Rational and effective production of insulating blocks

The Danish company fibo intercon a/s is currently putting the finishing touches to the running-in of a new plant for production of insulating blocks at the Norwegian company maxit Leca Borge. The plant is unique. It is fully automated and has a cycle time of only five seconds producing insulating blocks which meet the new, tighter insulation requirements and dimensions. A combination which has not been seen in this type of plant before.

In the past few years, requirements concerning the design of insulating blocks (called ISO blocks below) have been tightened. The insulation requirements have been tightened, and the demand for ISO blocks in dimensions other than the traditional ones has increased; maxit Norway therefore started looking for a partner to develop and deliver a plant which was able to produce in accordance with the new standards.  However, the old production line in Borge was no longer able to keep up with the Scandinavian markets’ demand for ISO blocks. In spite of several conversions, the plant did not have...

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