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Temperature is quality

Finnish Polarmatic Oy’s Turbomatic thermal energy unit has been developed specifically for heating aggregates and generating the complete amount of hot water needed for process and heating purposes in concrete mixing plants and precast facilities. With more than 600 units delivered to customers all around Europe and Russia, it has proven to be the most efficient, economical and environmen-
tally friendly heating system available for concrete pro-
duction, according to information provided by the manu-

The Turbomatic offers superior heating power whilst consuming significantly less fuel oil than traditional heating systems. With the Turbomatic, it is possible to reliably and continuously produce concrete in the desired volumes and at the required temperature even during the coldest of winters. For example, hot concrete can be produced at a temperature of 25 °C or higher under all ambient temperature conditions. Typical fuel consumption savings are in the range of 60 to 80% compared to traditional air- or steam-based heating systems. The Turbomatic unit is also more environmentally friendly...

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