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Heating integration for precast concrete elements

Maturix is a complete solution for concrete strength monitoring. The sensor solution helps construction companies, precast concrete plants, raw material suppliers and formwork manufacturers to optimize processes and work more efficiently. The concrete strength is calculated by taking temperature measurements in the concrete directly.

Real-time monitoring and optimization of the heating demand

Sensohive‘s latest function extension enables an exact real-time monitoring and optimization of the heating demand in the production of concrete elements with the aid of Maturix. Maturix is a solution for intelligent monitoring of the concrete strength by means of temperature measurements through wireless data transmission. Now, the application is enhanced in order to further optimize the processes relating to the curing of concrete: The heating system of the precast concrete plant is integrated.

The software analyses the use of heat and indicates the correlation with the strength development of the concrete element – this allows for saving energy and money. Temperature sensors measure the use of the heating and in combination with detailed data on the strength development by measurements in the concrete directly, for one thing, Maturix provides a real-time overview of the energy costs and generates potential savings for efficient heating. The heating integration gives information on the heating demand and helps optimizing the production process.


Knowing when heating is required

Estimation of energy costs

Customized suggestions for optimization

Complete solution for the digitalization of working steps

Maturix is a high-performance tool for an efficient production of precast concrete elements. It allows for real-time monitoring of all concrete elements in the production, provides production reports for improved documentation as well as analysis and statistics, giving a deeper insight in everyday production. Maturix offers a complete solution for digitalization and optimization of all working steps related to concrete strength.

At present, a heating integration is installed at Contiga Tinglev (member of the HeidelbergCement Group) and will be completed in 2020. The savings in heating costs are estimated at some 20 to 25 % by the utility company. Maturix is a sensor solution of Sensohive, a Danish technoloy start-up, and is used in more than 13 countries for process optimization. Currently, a total of about 10,000 Sensohive sensors are active.

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