Two locations generate synergies

Complex and customer-oriented formwork construction

The Dutch company ter Stege Betonvormen bv has been successfully manufacturing timber formwork for precast components for some 30 years. The different market requirements in the various countries call for differences in the craftsmanship applied by the form builders. In this company, the exchange of ideas and personnel is policy. In this way, cost-efficient formwork with a high degree of technological know-how is created on both sides of the Dutch-German border.

In the 10th generation and in the course of 210 years, ter Stege Betonvormen evolved from a one-man operation into one of the major manufacturers of timber templates / formwork in the European concrete industry. With its locations in the Netherlands – ter Stege betonvormen bv and Ter Stege Betonformen GmbH in the city of Hof in the mountainous region of the Westerwald – it is an international company. The skilled personnel in both locations work with state-of-the-art machinery.

The company specialized in wooden formwork, but also offers wood forms combined with steel. Its scope of services...

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