Fastening technology

Transport anchor systems for precast elements – where are uniform regulations and up to date guidelines in line with practical requirements?

In Germany, precast concrete elements are usually handled using series-produced transport anchor systems. Their installation and use is governed by the rules of the Bau-Berufsgenossenschaft (BG) set forth in BGR (BG Rule) 106 [1] (as amended in April 1992), which has been supplemented, in 2006, by the principles for testing transport anchor systems [2]. These regulations, in turn, are mainly based on the safety rules for transport anchor systems ZH 1/17 [3] established in 1986. There are no newer rules or standards.

In other European countries, “transport aids” manufactured by the precast businesses themselves are often used in addition to series-produced transport anchor systems. The use of these two types of transport anchors is covered by the CEN/TR 15728 state-of-art-report on the “Design and Use of Inserts for Lifting and Handling” [4], which, however, has not been implemented in Germany due to safety concerns associated with the design of inserts for lifting and handling (transport anchors) in accordance with the methods specified in the report.  However, the uniform use of transport anchor systems...

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