Reinforcing steel cutting systems

Designs for a modular setup

In reinforcing steel processing, the cutting of straight stock requires particular attention since the downstream production machinery must be fed with cut reinforcing steel in a timely and flexible manner. Idle time must be avoided under all circumstances as the otherwise efficient controlled process would be interrupted, which would render any sound planning and scheduling impossible. Stema/Pedax is specializing in the development of holistic concepts for steel processing machinery, devising solutions tailored to the required performance and workforce, as well as to the space available.

In general, a distinction can be made between mobile and stationary straight-stock cutting systems for reinforcing steel. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, mobile systems traveling in transverse direction in front of a storage facility account for the major share of the machinery used. By contrast, international processing operations usually cut their reinforcing steel on stationary systems. This is generally due to the original plant design and the storage and material flow technology selected at the outset. Another reason, however, is the distribution of diameters and lengths, which differs across countries, and depends on the design and construction methods used in the individual countries.

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