Joining forces to promote the new
Hexa rotor straightening machines

The successful machine manufacturers AWM S.p.A. from Italy and Pedax GmbH from Germany combine their know-how to present a new generation of rotor straightening, cutting and bending systems: Hexa 616/820 and Hexa 616/820 Twin-bend.

AWM and Pedax are embarking on a close future partnership. The companies are joining forces for the production, global sales and servicing of the newly developed Hexa rotor straightening machines and bending systems.

Two high-performance ­partners

AWM (Automatic Wire Machines) S.p.A. was founded in 1987. Today, it is a high-performance machine manufacturing company, based in Magnano, Italy, operating successfully worldwide.

AWM plans, develops and manufactures high-tech machines for the processing of reinforcing steel. These include standard and special-purpose mesh welding machines, high-speed straightening and cutting machines, machines for the production of lattice girders, cold rolling machines, automatic mesh, cutting and bending machines as well as special-purpose machines for the production of segment cages used in tunnel construction.

Pedax GmbH, with its headquarters in Bitburg, Germany, has continued the long Peddinghaus tradition since 1997 and distinguishes itself through a modular and complete range of machines and systems for processing reinforcing steel.

Modern requirements

Maintaining a high degree of directional accuracy and precise bends, while at the same time maximizing efficiency, is the key to success in the reinforcing steel processing industry, whether in a reinforcing steel processing factory or a prefabricated concrete plant. The operation and maintenance of the machine and the material handling must be as simple and low cost as possible.

AWM and Pedax jointly present the latest generation of rotor straightening, cutting and bending systems, which precisely combines these requirements within one new system. All Hexa systems work from the coil and thus ensure an optimal production flow. The system can be operated by one machine operator. It brings together the experience gained over the years by both companies.

The Hexa range

The Hexa machine range includes the latest straightening and cutting equipment and combination straightening, cutting and bending systems, which are used in the prefabricated concrete and reinforcing steel processing industries.

The model Hexa 616 is suitable for processing wire diameters from 6 mm to 16 mm. The Hexa 820 is designed for diameters from 8 to 20 mm.

The Hexa straightening systems are each equipped with up to six hyperbolic rotors. Servo-controlled flying shears are used as standard; all Hexa models may also be delivered with hydraulic flying shears by request.

The option of connection with production planning systems allows the Hexa systems to automatically recognize the required diameter change, which is done in the shortest possible time. The wire change times are fully optimized and extremely fast.

Access to the rotors has been simplified for maintenance and installation work. At the same time, the protective covers provide steps as well as noise and dust protection.

Hexa Twin-bend with double-bender

The combined Hexa Twin-bend straightening, cutting and bending systems were designed for the reinforcing steel processing- and concrete prefabrication industries. They are particularly suitable for production with frequently changing bar lengths, wire diameters and bending forms.

Straight bars and different bending forms are automatically produced as part of an automatic production system, for example via a commissioning trolley system, and are immediately sorted in advance according to order.

The new Twin-bend system is the very latest cutting, straightening and bending system. It offers a full automatic bending mandrel change, the fastest possible rotor change and the easiest maintenance. These are essential criteria for fast, effective production, particularly for batch sizes with frequent changes.

The minimum distance between the bending heads is only 490 mm. Three bars (up to 10 mm in diameter), two bars (up to 14 mm in diameter) or a single bar (up to 20 mm in diameter) are simultaneously bent. It works clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The units are standard equipped with six independent motorized pay off reels, capacity up to 5 t, which are each driven by variable speed servomotors. The tension of the wire is electronically controlled via a mobile arm and the unwinding speed is controlled accordingly.

The heart of the machine, the control unit, is housed in a dust-proof cabinet. The control unit is equipped with a heating and air-conditioning system. It works with a Siemens S7 PLC. The system includes mobile and stationary control stations. An ASEM 21.5‘‘ LCD touchscreen is found in the main control unit, which is externally connected to the PLC. The user interface is logical and intuitive for the operator.

AWM and Pedax are delighted to provide the companies’ customers with the added values of the combined efforts in the future. In June, interested companies can watch a Hexa 820 Twin-bend live event at Pedax in Bitburg. In addition the sales teams will answer any queries and provide customers with the further technical and commercial information required.


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