Steel Wave

Innovation for double wall elements

 The double-wall convinces customers and manufacturers more than ever and is enjoying a growing popularity. Similar to the floor slabs in the past, the use of the double wall is sharply increasing, because it substitutes cast-in-place concrete walls. Kappema® released an innovation that allows for new saving potentials at the double-wall production.

The Kappema technology further enhances the status of the double wall. The wall system, manufactured with the new innovative Kap-Wave elements, optimizes the handling during the production at site, simplifies the everyday work on the building site and for the first time at all allows for variants in the installation of the double wall. The disadvantages of conventional lattice girders are overcome through the use of the Kap-Steel-Wave.


Kap-Steel-Wave replaces lattice girder

The Kappema steel mold wave is made of steel. In connection with form rods made out of high-quality steel, the wave is...

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