Monolithic manhole bases

Progress with a long tradition

 For over 50 years, Betonwerk Heller has been producing premium-quality, innovative precast units for use in civil engineering at its Parkstetten factory to supply them to its customers and business partners across the state of Bavaria / Germany. This spring, a new Perfect line was installed, which enables the company to add monolithic manhole bases to its product range.

The foundation stone of what is known as Betonwerk Heller today was laid as early as in 1919 in the “Sudetenland” region (today part of the Czech Republic). Immediately after the end of the Second World War, Josef Heller sen. began to set up a new production facility for concrete pipes and manhole rings near Steinburg in Lower Bavaria. As early as 1951, the production site had to be relocated again due to the expansion of the business. A 3,800 m2 plot of land was purchased in Parkstetten, where the company is still located today.

When the new entity Josef Heller & Sohn GmbH was incorporated in...

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