Upcrete Technology

New possibilities for precast concrete elements

The upcrete technology allows to manufacture precast concrete components having a smooth surface in any kinds of geometry. A special pumping method (die-cast, flush-rising concreting method) using the UPP pump and the UCI pump adaption enables to produce complex components with smooth surfaces on all sides or textured ones in one working cycle. Thus, upcrete enables a new way of thinking in terms of vertical production of precast components as it is possible to produce items with a smooth surface all over.

Reymann Technik is an engineering firm with worldwide experience in planning, implementation and rationalization of production systems for the precast concrete industry. Some of these concepts, among others, will be showcased at bauma 2010. The quality of technical advice and planning is consequently pursued from project management up to the successful implementation. Another current project is the independent new product development of the upcrete® system in collaboration with company Ratec.

The product

The further development in concrete technology and mechanical engineering in conjunction...

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