MoNoClip® and MoSwing®  

Concrete spacers by Molenaar

Molenaar is steadily developing innovative solutions for the precast concrete industry. A patented innovation by Molenaar Concrete Industry is the MoNoClip® spacers for self compacting concrete (SCC) for bars Ø 4 to 14 mm. The MoSwing® is a spacer for heavy reinforcements, and large surfaces.

Through the unique “trumpet” shape and the round tip on the side of the formwork the MoNoClip® is being lifted slightly by tilting the SCC. Thus a film of concrete flows under the spacer and is thereby completely embedding the MoNoClip. The result is a smooth surface of the element in which there is a quality spacer. This ensures the high quality of the produced concrete element.

MoSwing® is well suited for parts with large surfaces and heavy reinforcement. The spacers are inserted before the reinforcement in an irregular pattern. After concreting, according to Molenaar, the MoSwing is almost...

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