Extension of plant in Poland

Revolutary solutions in manufacturing concrete products

Posiadało sp.j. (general partnership) is a family-owned business established in 1996. It has been manufacturing paving concrete blocks for more than 13 years. The quick expansion of this industry sector and the demand for company products increasing year over year were the good reasons for making the decision about starting a new paving block manufacturing line. As a result of many engineering and economic studies, the owners have chosen the small concrete elements’ manufacturing method developed by the Techmatik SA company, based on the SHP 5000 concrete block machine.

The new Techmatik line features extremely compact design, therefore it needs much less production space than other machines. Thanks to efficient work of assemblers and technicians, a new factory was built and production started in less than three months.

The SHP 5000 concrete block machine is the core element of the line. Thanks to innovative solutions related to driving mechanisms and kinematic pairs the energy consumption was significantly reduced. The Techmatik SHP 5000 concrete block machine is able to manufacture concrete products from 40 mm up to 500 mm, that is, paving blocks, decorative...

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