Prestressed concrete technology – made in Germany

Paul Maschinenfabrik extend their production area

 The South German mechanical engineering company Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1925 and family-run for three generations has produced machinery for the manufacture of precast prestressed concrete elements for over 50 years. The first single-wire stressing jack was built in 1959 and is still on display in Paul’s modern manufacturing plant. Their current range of products and services comprises machinery for pushing, cutting off, tensioning/detensioning and anchoring of prestressing wires and strands as well as planning and supply of complete casting bed equipment.

Apart from single-stressing jacks that are frequently used in precast factories Paul produce multi-stressing jacks for up to 15,000kN and pushing machines for use on site. Also for the construction of modern wind power plants or the production of hollow core slabs or railway sleepers Paul supply state-of-the-art prestressing technology.

To ensure their continuing ability to meet the demand for their high-quality prestressed concrete equipment, Paul already decided before the crisis to extend their production area by almost 10,000 m².  The interior works, i.e. electric installation, heating...

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