If good things become even better

Plans for design and reinforcement quickly drawn

With the Strakon version 2010 the Cologne-based software provider Dicad brings a drawing and planning tool to the market that initiates a new century and justifiably so. The previous system was extensively revised and extended. Now, Strakon offers even more innovations that support the design engineer in doing his job.

One of these innovations is the so-called quick box. It allows quick access to symbols, details, add-on programs, and hatchings. The user can choose the required function with the pre-defined characteristics by double-clicking and can use this immediately in the plan. For this purpose, for example, frequently used texts, line types and dimensioning styles are stored in a directory structure of the quick box and are thus available at any time. The advantage for the user is the fact that it is no longer necessary to assign characteristics to the single planning elements, which is quite...

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