Accelerated concrete hardening

Crystal Speed Hardening™ concept from BASF

On October 6, 2009 – BASF has launched its new Crystal Speed Hardening™ concept for contractors and precast producers. The core product of the concept is X-Seed® 100, a unique hardening accelerator. It helps to speed up concrete hardening significantly at early ages (6 to 12 hours), supporting at least double strength at low, ambient and heat curing temperatures.

In contrast to traditional acceleration methods such as heat application or normal accelerators, X-Seed® 100 does not interfere adversely with the final engineering properties of the concrete. In addition, it helps to save time and has a positive impact on energy efficiency, offering an attractive overall cost saving potential. “With our new Crystal Speed Hardening concept, BASF supports the concrete industry’s need for more sustainable production,” said Dr Uwe Holland, Head of Marketing Admixture Systems Europe. X-Seed 100 consists of synthetically produced crystal seeds in liquid form, which...

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