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Issue 2010-10 CBE Group

SCC for Concrete Segment Molds

At present the company presents a unique tubbing production method manufacturing precast concrete segments without vibration. This is achieved by the working steps inclination of the mold, injection...

Issue 2012-05

Mold for producing molded concrete blocks

(10) WO 2012/025392 A1 (22) 11. August 2011 (43) 1. März 2012 (71) KOBRA FORMEN GMBH [DE/DE]; Plohnbachstr. 1, 08485 Lengenfeld (DE). (57) The invention relates to a mold for producing molded...


Process and apparatus for demolding and palletizing cast concrete blocks

(10) WO 2012/018708 A1 (22) 1 August 2011 (43) 9 February 2012 (71) ROSETTA HARDSCAPES, LLC [US/US]; 05481 U.S.31 South, Charlevoix, MI 49720 (US). (57) A method for demolding concrete blocks which...

Issue 2010-11 Molds for Hollow Blocks

New Molds Have Already Proven Themselves

On the occasion of the Big 5 Show 2010 held in Dubai (U.A.E.) Kobra Formen GmbH will present an innovative mold technology for hollow blocks. Since this year‘s bauma in Munich (Germany), the...

Issue 2013-05

Block deck using concrete

(11) EP 2 565 337 A2 (22) 25.04.2011 (43) 06.03.2013 (71) LG Hausys, Ltd., Seoul 150-721 (KR) (57) The present invention relates to a block deck used as the interior or exterior material of a...