Paving stone construction set for creating a segmental arc pavement and paving stone basic element

(10) WO 2012/037907 A1
(22) 24. September 2010
(43) 29. März 2012
(71) SCHRÖDER, Detlef [DE/DE]; Monheimsallee 75,
52062 Aachen (DE)
(57) The invention relates to a paving stone construction set for creating a segmental arc pavement. The construction set has a paving stone basic element or a plurality of paving stone basic elements that can be assembled. Said paving stone basic element(s) comprise a base and a plurality of stone heads that extend upward from the base and that are separated from each other by joints. Said paving stone basic element(s) cover a segmental arc sub-area. The curvature...

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