Sika Trade Seminar: Impermeable and durable industrial buildings

Sika Deutschland GmbH is continuing the successful series of trade seminars called „Bau & Praxis“ (building & practice) intended for architects, planners and the trades carrying out the work. This year’s main focus is dedicated to sealing systems for industrial buildings as industrial building construction, after suffering from reluctance as a result of the crisis of the last few years, provides for vital impetus in the building and construction industry in many places again.

The investment backlog is slowly resolving. However, planners and contractors are often facing particular challenges...

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Issue 12/2022

Successful tunnel project in Karlsruhe: coating and sealing systems from Sika

The new 1.6-kilometer-long car tunnel under Kriegsstrasse in Karlsruhe relieves the city center of through traffic. The tunnel walls in the north and south tubes were coated with products from Sika...

Issue 01/2013 H-BAU Technik GmbH

Technically tested sealing system

Structural joints and wall penetrations are the weak points for pressurized water that many are afraid of when it comes to water-impermeable structural components and waterproof concrete basements....

Issue 08/2018 Sika

Sika Control-600 SR minimizes drying shrinkage

Sika announces that it is the first manufacturer to receive a general building authority approval (AbZ) for a shrinkage reducing agent to minimize drying shrinkage in concrete. This was necessary...

Issue 12/2016 Sika

BAU 2017 trade fair: Your Sika – your Solution!

“Your Sika – your Solution” will be the new slogan of Sika Deutschland GmbH at the BAU trade fair taking place in Munich in January 2017. The slogan gives expression to the fact that the company...

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Reliable technology for the sealing of precast concrete basements

Combined system of joint and surface waterproofing Systems for surface waterproofing have already been on the market for many decades. Their major drawback, however, is the high repair expenditure...