Quality Seal „Top 100“

Excellent inventive spirit at Kobra

 Only creative companies with vision and sense of ­novelty have managed to be among the section of the 100 most innovative medium-sized enterprises. Kobra is one of them in 2011 being awarded with the quality seal “Top 100” by Lothar Späth in the Baltic Sea resort Warnemünde. In 2005, the company already succeeded to be among the leading group of applicants at that time.

At the manufacturer of steel molds for the concrete block industry, the management board personally takes care of processes and quality assurance. “We are always involved in tracing problems that occur in the production process of our international customers,” the managing partner, Holger Stichel, explains. He accompanies all innovation processes. Together with the staff working in service, production and installation, he is present in the factory workshops of the customers and is watching the block manufacturing process. In discussions with the customers, they tell him about the challenges in...

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