20 years of Kobra Formen GmbH

Company anniversary with big in-house exhibition

Kobra has been manufacturing high-quality steel molds »made in Germany« for the international concrete block industry at its location in Lengenfeld (Germany) since 1991.This gave the company‘s management reason to invite customers from all over the world to celebrate in the Vogtland region in March 2011.

In the morning of March 18, 2011, the in-house exhibition „20 years of quality and innovation“ started at the premises in Lengenfeld. The managing partner, Joerg Rasbieler, officially welcomed the guests. In an entertaining speech, he managed to describe both the company history and the current activities as well as to give an outlook to the company‘s future. Afterwards, the mayor of the city of Lengenfeld (Volker Bachmann) and the general manager of the regional chamber of commerce and industry (IHK) Plauen (Michael Barth) asked for the floor. The speech of the general manager of Lithonplus...

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