Large-scale plant construction continuous to grow

The latest review of VDMA / AGAB draws a balance of 2010

 The member companies of the Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers‘ Group (AGAB - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Großanlagenbau) of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) booked orders worth 22.4 billion euros - an increase of one percent as against previous year (2009: 22.1 billion euros). AGAB disclosed this result at the end of March when the current review of the situation was released. The large-scale plant construction industry thus has broken the downward trend and is on the road to success.

The large-scale construction sector participates in the economic upswing with a temporary delay. International customers yet hold back major contracts in the presently early stage of recovery. The members of AGAB reported that in 2010 incoming orders from abroad accounting for 17.6 billion euros fell by three percent below previous year‘s level (2009: 18.1 billion euros). The order situation improved, however, appreciably during the period under review. While export figures still declined by a quarter from January to June 2010, a surplus of 23 percent was realized in the period from July to...

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