fib Bulletin 57

Shear and punching shear in RC and FRC elements

 The latest fib Bulletin, number 57, “Shear and punching shear in RC and FRC elements, Workshop proceedings”, is now available for purchase from the fib secretariat.

fib Bulletin 57 is a collection of contributions from a workshop on „Recent developments on shear and punching shear in RC and FRC elements“, held in October 2010 and attended by 72 participants from 12 countries. Shear is one of a few areas of research into fundamentals of the behaviour of concrete structures where contention remains amongst researchers. There is a continuing debate between researchers from a structural perspective and those from a materials or fracture mechanics perspective about the mechanisms that enable the force flow through a concrete member and across cracks.


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Influence of various degrees of punching-shear reinforcement and -elements on punching-shear behavior

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