Counting on Quality

All-new Block Production Line Strengthens Market-leading Position

 The successful Oblak family business has been operating in Logatec, Slovenia, for many decades. Even before 1990, this central location near Ljubljana had enabled the company to build a good reputation on a nationwide scale. Right from the outset, the guiding principle of the business has been to manufacture high-quality concrete products. This, in turn, has driven the company to continuously invest in plant and equipment. The latest addition to the equipment range is a complete block manufacturing and circulation line supplied by Hess.

The company

Managing director Bogdan Oblak recounts: “In 1901, my great-great-grandfather started up concrete production. Back then, he manufactured concrete roofing tiles.” Since Oblak achieved a sufficient degree of concrete product sales throughout its history, the company continued to prosper even during the two World Wars and expanded its activities continuously.

The opening of the Eastern European borders in 1990 then ushered in a new economic era. In this respect, it should be noted that the former Yugoslav government had established a rigid economic system with regulated export and...

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