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HULCO® Anchor Bolts and BOLTED CONNECTION tool for designers

Get bolted – A new tool and solution for bolted connections
Bolted connections are known for their ease and speed of assembly. They offer a reliable solution that requires significantly fewer onsite workers with no temporary bracing needed. To further ease the work of designers and construction companies, Peikko continuously develops and improves its solutions and tools for bolted column connections. Peikko has now launched HULCO® Anchor Bolt and Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION design software. 

HULCO® Anchor Bolt – simply strong
Peikko’s comprehensive product family of bolted column connections has just welcomed a new member; HULCO® Anchor Bolt. HULCO® is a compact and cost-efficient solution with remarkable load-bearing capacities for heavy-duty bolted connections. It is designed to match with BOLDA® column shoes, a new generation of high-load capacity column shoes by Peikko. HULCO® replaces Peikko’s PPM® L Anchor Bolts.
HULCO® is especially suited for industrial construction, and its assembly onsite is straightforward. The simple design speeds up its manufacturing process whereas the packaging is compact; ensuring an optimal amount of HULCO® Anchor Bolts to fit into a given truck space.
HULCO® Anchor Bolt boasts optimized material use which makes it light to transport, and light for the environment too.
HULCO® is a CE marked and ETA certified solution and is available to be designed with the new cloud-based Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION design software.
Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION – intuitive and user-friendly design software
The new Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION is a cloud-based design tool. No installations or downloads are required; the users benefit from automatic updates. Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION is free of charge and the simple and intuitive user interface ensures a good user experience throughout the design process.
The new Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION has improvements in reporting and calculation, among other improvements. The software gives the user more freedom as it enables the reliable and standardized design of architectural shapes that deviate from the mainstream. The new Peikko Designer® BOLTED CONNECTION also allows for inspecting the load capacities more visually thanks to the new 3D capacity graphs. In addition, the tool offers more options for visualizing results while also leaving room for their interpretation. Torsion calculation is one of the new standard features.
The renewed design tool was released together with HULCO®, and updates and extensions for the software are expected throughout 2024. The current version has all the basic characteristics needed to successfully design bolted column connections while it is available only in EN Eurocode. Future updates to the tool will further add support for supplementary rebars, fire stage calculations, and national annexes.
In the future, all Peikko’s design tools will be cloud-based and easily accessible with a single login and credentials.
Welcome to the new era of bolted column connections with Peikko!