A lightweight composite structural construction panel with a concrete layer and a mineral fibre layer

(10) GB2607644, (22) 15.10.2021

(43) 14.12.2022

(57) A lightweight composite structural construction panel comprises a concrete core portion 11 with a first and a second major surface and a compressed mineral fibre or rock fibre panel 17 laminated to at least one of the surfaces and attached thereto using at least one elongate fastener 15. The density of the mineral fibre may be over 100 kg/m3, The fibre panels may abut the concrete core or there may be another material provided there between. The concrete core may be preformed before the lamination of the fibre panel. The other material may include, a mastic, water based or acrylic fire-resistant material. The opening formed by the insertion of the fastener may be provided with a sealant. Also disclosed is a method of increasing the fire resistance of a concrete slab or wall.

(71) Brennan Enterprise Limited (Incorporated in the United Kingdom) Summit, Littleborough, Lancashire, OL15 OLR, United Kingdom

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