Feuerbeständiger Beton mit hoher Schlagfestigkeit

(11) EP 2 223 902 A3
(22) 10.02.2010
(43) 01.09.2010
(71) Daewoo Engineering&Construction Co., Ltd, Seoul 110-713, KR; Cheongju University Industry&Academy, Cooperation Foundation, Chungbuk 360-764, KR; Doosan  Construction&Engineering Co., Ltd., Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-714 ,KR; Hudigm Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd., Gyeongsanbuk-do 760-905, KR
(57) Disclosed is a fire-resistant high performance concrete. This concrete has high impact resistance and includes organic fibers as well as cement, sand, pebbles, water and admixture materials, wherein the organic fibers consist of a relatively high...