Top quality lightweight formwork for a luxury tower block in Bahrain

Figure: Kooheji

Figure: Kooheji
Luxury apartments, offices and retail premises will be part of a new and architecturally ambitious project in Bahrain: The Onyx Skyview.

The skyscraper will provide 435 luxury apartments, 40 offices and seven retail premises and will also include landscape features with a view of the skyline of Manama and an unobstructed view of the sea.

The Onyx Skyview project is a testament to Bahrain's architectural ambition, redefining luxury living in the country.

Kooheji Contractors, long term partner of PASCHAL and one of the leading construction companies in Bahrain is using the NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL for the construction of the lift shafts for the 53-storey building complex.

Eng. Abdulrahim Al Kooheji, Chief Contracting Officer - Kooheji Contractors, expressed his confidence in PASCHAL and the longstanding partnership, stating, "We are pleased to collaborate with PASCHAL once again on the Onyx Skyview project. Their NeoR lightweight formwork is the perfect solution for our construction needs, ensuring efficiency and precision throughout the process."

PASCHAL and Kooheji are once again crowning their joint history of success which began many decades earlier on a considerably smaller scale.

By combining cutting-edge formwork solutions with visionary architectural design, Onyx Skyview aims to become an iconic landmark in Bahrain's ever-growing skyline.


NeoR lightweight formwork is also for world-class structural engineering

NeoR lightweight formwork is an outstanding solution for modern construction projects and is ideally suited for the production of foundations, beams, pillars and walls. The formwork panels are particularly light and weigh just 41.3 kg for an area of 90 x 150 cm. Installing and moving lightweight formwork on the construction site can therefore be carried out effortlessly.

Figure: Paschal

Figure: Paschal
Efficient and trouble-free completion of construction projects is ensured thanks to a well-rounded range of formwork panels. The 90 x 150 cm panel with its internal tie points provides the flexibility to be able to be used both upright and longitudinally. There is also the capability to compensate for uneven surfaces due to the elongated holes in the panel frame. The wide range of options enable ideal adaptation to the individual demands of any construction site.

With the use of the keybolts, the lightweight formwork system relies on a tried and tested light, force-locking and cost-effective connecting piece that ensures aligned walls.

Figure: Kooheji

Figure: Kooheji
NeoR lightweight formwork is of course compatible with all PASCHAL systems which means that it can be integrated into existing formwork inventories.

Eng. Abdulrahim Al Kooheji further emphasized, "By utilizing the NeoR lightweight formwork, we ensure the efficient and trouble-free completion of our construction projects. This solution perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering high-quality structures on time and within budget."



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