Product presentation: Technologically Innovative Concrete Curing Compound

Figure: SpecChem

Figure: SpecChem
Designed for professionals seeking the highest standards in concrete strength development and surface protection; E-Cure is a leading-edge technology, clear concrete curing compound that was developed to cure concrete as well as resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives.

E-Cure is a spray-applied, water-based concrete cure, hardener, and dust proofer. Designed to penetrate and form a temporary membrane to cure, densify, harden, and dustproof concrete essential for proper strength development.


  • USDA accepted
  • Non-flammable/odorless/VOC Compliant
  • Resists acids, oils, greases, salts, and tire marks
  • Non-yellowing, does not alter natural color of concrete
  • Will not inhibit adhesion of secondary coatings, topping, or concrete adhesives


E-Cure meets the moisture retention of ASTM C-309, Type 1 or 1-d, Class A and B on hard-troweled concrete surfaces. May contribute to LEED credits. Tested and certified to the performance requirements of NSF/ANSI 61.

Why Choose E-Cure?

Made in America: All of SpecChem’s products are manufactured in one of our six state of the art US manufacturing plants strategically located to serve all major US markets.

Advanced Technology: E-Cure represents the pinnacle of innovation in concrete curing compounds. With its leading-edge technology, it ensures your concrete exceeds industry standards.

Unmatched Compatibility: Say goodbye to compatibility issues with flooring adhesives. E-Cure is specifically formulated to ensure seamless integration, making it perfect for a variety of surfaces and applications.

Environmental Compliance: With zero VOCs and compliance with ASTM C309 Type 1D, Class A & B, E-Cure is a safe choice for any project.

Versatility and Efficiency: From hard-troweled finishes to rough surfaces, E-Cure provides exceptional coverage and performance.

Long-lasting Protection: E-Cure doesn't just cure; it densifies, hardens, and dustproofs, ensuring long-term durability. Its resistance to acids, oils, greases, salts, and tire marks extends the life of your concrete, maintaining its aesthetic and structural integrity.

Certified Excellence: Certified for use in potable water structures and tested to the highest standards, E-Cure brings peace of mind to every project. Its proven performance is backed by independent adhesion tests and complies with the most stringent industry requirements.



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Kansas City, MO 64108/United States

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