Peikko and Zech receive fire classification for their slab system

Figure: Peikko

Figure: Peikko
Peikko Group Corporation and the construction company Zech Bau Holding GmbH are continuing their successful collaboration in a new project. Peikko and Zech conducted joint fire tests with the wood-concrete hybrid slab from Cree Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Zech Building SE, and the DELTABEAM Composite Beam from Peikko. The tests were necessary because there were no official fire tests for these and comparable hybrid slabs.

The fire behavior tests on Peikko's DELTABEAM Composite Beam and the Cree wood-concrete hybrid system were carried out by Pavus, a renowned fire testing institute in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the outstanding results, Pavus has now issued for the system a REI120 fire resistance classification report. This means a fire resistance of 120 minutes in terms of bearing capacity, integrity, and heat-insulating ability, providing more opportunities to use Peikko's DELTABEAM Composite Beam and the Cree wood-concrete hybrid system together.

“There are companies that simply think, and those that think and act. We are delighted to have a genuine hands-on cooperation with Zech and its subsidiary Cree Deutschland GmbH. Through this partnership, we both are able to combine our respective strengths and generate synergies that drive both growth and market expansion. This combination of systems also holds a considerable significance on a global level”, says Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.

"We are pleased with the results of the fire tests and the issued classification report. This will strengthen confidence in the system and market acceptance. We are also pleased to continue our successful cooperation with Peikko. Together we will be able to offer the system to the market," says Andreas Schimmelpfennig, Managing Director of Cree Deutschland GmbH.

Further information:

Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation

+358 50 384 3001

Christian Gerke, Managing Director, Peikko Deutschland GmbH

+49 170 165 4736

Andreas Schimmelpfennig, Managing Director, CREE Deutschland GmbH 

+49 171 277 5386

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