Northeast Precast announces Change in its Leadership Structure

Figure: Northeast Precast

Figure: Northeast Precast
Northeast Precast, LLC (NEP), a supplier of precast concrete building products, announced that several long-standing employees have stepped into new leadership positions, effective June 1, 2023. The new leadership structure will prepare the 20-year-old company for strong, continued growth for decades.

Visionary leadership

Owners John and Lorie Ruga will continue to bring visionary leadership within the new roles of CEO and COO, respectively. Their vision has always been to ensure the company was in the best place to serve its customers and employees. The new structure allows them to guide the company with an eye on the long-term future, allowing room for others on their executive team to play a more prominent role in day-to-day activities.


Mark Gorgas has stepped into the position of President of NEP after working for the past 20 years in various roles within the company. Long-standing employee Justin Wigglesworth was promoted to Vice President to work directly with Mark in the new position. Previously, Justin had led field operations and steel fabrication, with a steady presence in plant operations.

“I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a great team over our history,” says John Ruga. “These leaders and the team that supports them have been actively working with Lorie and me for many years. My passion has always been to provide opportunities to people. I believe this next step is critical towards putting the company and its employees in a strong position for the future.”

Grow up with the company

Reflecting on his time at NEP over the years, Mark Gorgas stated, “When I first came to work for John, I couldn’t offer much more than a willingness to learn and show up every day. Since that start, the doors God has opened up through my working relationship with John and Lorie have been tremendous. I look forward to serving our employees with the same commitment they’ve shown me.” Justin Wigglesworth shared the same sentiments, adding, “Mark and I had the chance to come into the company when we were just teenagers. We’ve had a chance to grow up with the company and are grateful to provide a perspective on leadership that was built from the ground up.”

Northeast Precast, LLC has been manufacturing precast concrete products in Cumberland County, NJ, since 2003. Today the company provides over 400 jobs for its hard-working and dedicated employees. It continues to have a strong presence in residential construction, installing 4-5 Superior Wall basements for single-family homes daily. In addition to its original core business, NEP has grown to be a leading supplier of structural insulated wall panels in the industrial warehouse market. It continues to expand into new markets, most recently adding precast parking structures and total precast systems to its repertoire.


Northeast Precast

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