NetterVibration takes pride in the development of its global network

Figure: NetterVibration

Figure: NetterVibration
While celebrating the anniversaries of three subsidiaries, NetterVibration looks back on the history of its internationalisation. As a leading manufacturer of vibration technology, NetterVibration distributes a wide range of products worldwide through six international subsidiaries and a long-standing network of representatives.

The company responded to the globalisation of customers and markets early on and today benefits from having a well-established and competent network of trading partners. ‘Maintaining this network and being able to provide outstanding knowledge and service in all relevant markets worldwide is one of our core objectives for our customers,’ explains Achim Werkmann, Managing Director of NetterVibration. ‘This applies to almost daily contact with our partners as well as to our regular International Sales and Application Seminars, where we provide thorough training and information across national borders.’

Six international subsidiaries

NetterVibration decided to establish subsidiaries in six countries, with which a particularly strong bond exists today. The company established its first subsidiary abroad in 1999: 25 years ago, NetterVibration Schweiz GmbH in Rheinfelden (Switzerland), a former sales partner's team, was integrated closely into the parent company and has been successfully offering products, advice and service to customers in Switzerland and Austria ever since. The Spanish employees of NetterVibration in Villabona also have reason to celebrate: NetterVibration España S.L. has now existed for ten years. NetterVibration Australia Pty Ltd has also been in business for five years. The youngest subsidiary in France is currently celebrating the significant strengthening of the site with new offices, the expansion of the team and the appointment of a local managing director.

‘We are delighted that our internationalisation is characterised by long-standing successful partnerships. This includes not only training our partners and providing them with high-quality solutions, but also constantly learning and benefiting from the global experience of our subsidiaries in particular,’ adds Thomas Reis, Managing Director.


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