Master Builders Solutions sponsor of the most relevant admixture trade fairs 2020

Master Builders Solutions will present its innovative admixture solutions as sponsor of 2020’s most influential European trade fairs like BIBM Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, the online conference Digital Concrete 2020 or BEFIB in Valencia, Spain. The broad product portfolio of Master Builders Solutions – the world’s number one in admixtures – offers complete solutions for a wide range of applications like ready-mix concrete, precast production, manufactured concrete products, 3-D printing or Building Information Modelling (BIM). The innovative admixtures contribute essentially to save costs and resources and make construction more sustainable, efficient and economical. This is backed up by success stories from all across Europe.

Synthetic fiber reinforcement for a more sustainable and durable solution

For example, the current renovation of the port of Barcelona, Spain, with MasterFiber – a product which will be in the focus of the BIBM Congress from November 15-17 2020 in Copenhagen: 60.000 m2 of pavement have been

optimized with polypropylene fibers to improve the chloride resistance and durability of the area. This means a decisive contribution to the overall footprint of the project as CO2 emissions related to reinforcement can be reduced by 50% compared to a solution with steel fibers and by 40% compared to a traditional reinforcement. The customer Promsa, a Spanish construction company which is part of Cementos Molins, was very satisfied with the use of MasterFiber: “We could reduce labor costs by 50% avoiding the use of pumps for the placement and will have less need for maintenance due to the absence of corrosion in the completed pavement”, says Jordi Altet, Qualtity and R&D Manager at Promsa. The project was designed using the BIM methodology with the experts of Master Builders Solutions being part of the designing team. Together with the concrete producer, building owner and a designer they identified the best concrete mix design for the project.

Largest BIM portfolio in the construction chemicals industry

“For us, virtual building models represent a key technology for the future conception and design of built structures”, says Philipp Kley, Senior Vice President Construction Chemicals Europe. “We want to leverage innovative software technologies to play a leading role with regard to Industry 4.0 in the construction industry.” Master Builders Solutions’ BIM portfolio is the largest in the construction chemicals industry – comprising, as of today, more than 200 BIM objects, and soon to include more than 400 Revit models from 13 different industry segments. With this expertise Master Builders Solutions became partner of the European Union’s SPHERE project. It aims at developing a digital-twin software platform to enable the virtual replication of buildings in order to increase their energy efficiency, optimize their life cycle, and reduce costs. The project is set to run until autumn 2022 and has a volume of €12.8 million.

Innovative and complete portfolio for 3-D printing applications

Another highly topical issue is 3-D printing which will be in the focus of the online conference RILEM International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication from July 6-9. Master Builders Solutions cooperates in this field with leading research institutes such as the Technical Universities of Brunswick and Munich. Customers are supplied with a dedicated product range that is outstandingly well suited for 3-D printing applications.

Cleaner and form-release agents for reduced maintenance of formworks

The development of new technologies plays a vital role for the experts of Master Builders Solutions. With innovative solutions they want to contribute with their customers to a more sustainable construction. Customer references from across the world bear testimony to this success: for instance, German-based precast manufacturer IDEAL Beton, part of the HUF Group, places the utmost emphasis on aesthetics and sustainability: “With regard to concrete elements, it is important to have flawless surfaces”, says managing director Sascha Stroeder. Customer requirements are high, and the fairfaced concrete has to be particularly smooth and of superior aesthetics. For their release agent, too, IDEAL Beton have opted for an eco-friendly product. “In the combination of a MasterFinish release agent and a MasterFinish cleaner we have found a solution that is exempt from hazardous labeling and that meets our high demands in terms of fairfaced-concrete quality”, Stroeder says. Thanks to MasterFinish cleaning costs have been reduced by approximately 30 % and formwork service life has increased by 50 %.”

The success story of Ideal Beton is one of the several examples illustrated in the Master Builders Solutions “Quantified Sustainable Benefits” campaign, launched across Europe in 2017. The campaign focuses on projects where customers were able to increase their productivity while, at the same time, reducing costs and emissions thanks to the advanced chemistry provided by Master Builders Solutions. The campaign was awarded with several prestigious awards like the German Design Award 2020 and the German Brand Award 2019 in the category “storytelling and content marketing”.



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