Masa participates in the project "Concrete Plant of the Future" of IAB Weimar

Figure: Masa

Figure: Masa
The project "Concrete Plant of the Future" of IAB Weimar started in May 2021, with Masa participating together with numerous equipment suppliers to the industry and concrete plants.

The research project is scheduled to end in autumn of 2023 and is aiming at the development of an expert system for the production of concrete products and an advisory tool for improving the processes in the concrete plant. In this regard, the technical correlations are combined with the perspective of the production industry so as to gain more knowledge for the industrial production of concrete products. A holistic analysis of concrete processability is conducted in routine industrial operation throughout the manufacturing sequences at a concrete plant.

An expert system and an advisory tool are to be developed by the determination of the interplay of process-relevant parameters and influencing factors regarding a high product quality as well as their influence on the entire industrial process. In this way, concrete plants and equipment suppliers can be supported in their future strategic orientation and process improvement.

The planned expert system will provide the production companies with a tool, based on the experience of all project partners, to meet the complex challenges in the production of concrete products. Quality assurance in the concrete plants is to be improved and employees can benefit from the gathered knowledge that is documented in the expert system and the advisory tool. Consequently, they can work in the production process more efficiently and avoid errors.

IAB Weimar visiting Masa

In the context of this project, the second workshop was held with members of IAB Weimar and the Technical Director of Masa, Marcel Helsper, at the production site of Masa in Andernach, on March 05, 2023. On the occasion of this exchange, essential ideas were addressed to promote the digitalization in the industry and to ensure a competent orientation for the future. This is to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and to plan the input of resources more optimally.


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