Dillingen plant receives first CSC R-module at Dyckerhoff

The Dillingen plant of the Saar-Mosel branch was the first Dyckerhoff ready-mix concrete plant to be awarded the R-module of the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). After recycled aggregates have already been used as standard at the Dillingen plant in the proportions and grades permitted by standards since August 2021, customers and clients can now also have the certified sustainable concrete credited as part of building certifications.

In 2020, the CSC had expanded its certification system to include a supplementary R-module for concrete. Since then, concrete producers holding a CSC certificate (silver or higher) can additionally be certified according to the R-module. In the certificate, the R-module is expressed by a supplementary "R" label. Points are now awarded in various building certification systems (including BREEAM and DGNB) for the use of certified concrete with recycled aggregates, which is why the R-module is currently being increasingly requested in tenders.

The recycled aggregate used in the Dillingen plant comes from a recycling plant located in the immediate vicinity, so there is no transport expense, which in addition to the aspect of resource conservation also contributes to avoiding transport-related CO2 emissions.

To obtain the R-module, the Concrete Sustainability Council stipulates the following five criteria as basic requirements:

 - Responsible resource extraction

- Traceable R-material origin

- Use of recycled aggregates

- Quality management

- Minimum content of R-material




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