CSG Engineering: New precast concrete building systems

Depending on the type of construction, the volumes and the Country, CSG Engineering, through the design/engineering of a typical project, can design an effective and functional building system, with the detailing of each precast piece, connections, any MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) predispositions, finishing.

The Building System is the set of rules, gathered in a Technical Manual, that guide the design, production, storage, transport and installation of a family of buildings. Once defined, the “Building System” is applied in the execution of all the projects of that family.

The study of the Building System can be followed the study of the processing cycles; the need for raw materials and labor; the optimization of the layout of the factory, and the choice of the necessary equipment.

With the "Technical Manual" of the Building System, the Client is totally self-sufficient in the execution of the projects.

Precast concrete can find space in industrial, commercial, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, public buildings, agricultural, railways, stadiums, sports centers, car parks, bridges, airports, infrastructures.

BIM LegoCad-ERP P2000

Operating for more than 30 years, with avery rich BIM library, it is the most used tool by Precasters.

The BIM LegoCad allows – like in the game of bricks – to assemble the building (e.g. without any limit you can put together several rectangular or circular sections with corbels, heads, holes, to make a column), then placing connections by using functions that can verify both the capacity and the correct positioning.

An integrated structural solver for the static and dynamic (earthquake) structural calculation is available.

Once the project has been completed, the BIM LegoCad is able to recognize all the same pieces and automatically produce production sketches, Bar Bending Schedules, installation diagrams, production planning, estimated cost, BOQ/BOM, and the services necessary for the construction of the building.

The source of information is the BIM model built for the project, and any changes to the model automatically changes everything.

This has the following benefits:

• Quicker response time to Customer request for Design, Quotation and Alternate Design,

• Drastic reduction of errors, inefficiencies, and full control of costing and timing of the jobs,

• Connect the factory machinery to the project data.

The Precaster's BIM Library (required in all BIM systems for their full operation) is implemented and provided by CSG Engineering.

In this way the Precaster's know-how (products, methods, costs) is included into the software system, and made available to the various Company Depts.



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