CSC certificates in gold for Dyckerhoff plants

Figure: Dyckerhoff

Figure: Dyckerhoff
By the end of March 2024, Dyckerhoff GmbH and Dyckerhoff Beton GmbH & Co. KG have renewed the Gold certifications of all seven German cement plants and ten German ready-mixed concrete plants after the three-year validity period has expired.

In addition to Dyckerhoff’s plant at the headquarters in Amoeneburg (Wiesbaden), the recertification also applies to the integrated cement plants in Göllheim, Geseke, Lengerich and Deuna as well as the two grinding plants in Neuss and Neuwied.

In the Dyckerhoff concrete branch Rhine-Ruhr, four ready-mixed concrete plants (Emmerich, Essen, Neuss and Swisttal-Straßfeld) were recertified, in the Rhine-Main-Taunus branch three ready-mixed concrete plants (Karlsruhe, Ludwigshafen and Wiesbaden-Amoeneburg), and the plants in Hamburg, Osnabrück (Weser-Ems branch) and Saarbrücken (Saar-Mosel branch) were recertified. The recertification was carried out by independent bodies on the basis of extensive audits.

Strict evaluation criteria

The certified plants have met the strict rules assessing environmental, management, social, economic and supply chain performance and have demonstrated responsibility in sourcing, production and the implementation of technologies to improve sustainability. Hereby, the company reaffirms its commitment to sustainable cement and concrete production and inspires a collective movement towards more sustainable construction practices.

The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) awards certificates worldwide to companies in the cement and concrete industry, and in the aggregates sector. These certify that the recipient operates in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible manner. Today, CSC certification is reliably recognized in international systems for assessing the sustainability of buildings, such as the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen - DGNB), BREEAM or LEED. This has not only provided advantages over non-certified competitors, but has also contributed to a steady increase in investment in these so-called "green buildings" in recent years.


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