Paver laying machines using vacuum technology: A new business segment attracts wide interest

For laying of curbstones and/or laying of large-sized slabs and concrete elements for stairs – however as well the removal of pavements in need of restoration – Optimas offers a range of five machines and devices in the field of vacuum technology.
The Vacu-Mobile E running on wheels above all is in question where noise emissions are not desired. A compact machine equipped with a foldable extension arm being in the position to handle slabs weighing up to 10 kg at a working radius of 3,000 mm. For quick transportation within the construction site the device is furnished with appropriate fork arms. The likewise new devices Vacu-Lift H and Vacu-Lift D can be attached to all types of wheel loaders. Optionally equipped with hydraulic drive (H) or with an integral diesel engine they are suitable for types of loaders with fork carrier plate and fork arms. The device is designed in a way to transport the materials which are to be laid and to lay them simultaneously. Both versions have a lifting capacity of 140 kg – the deadweight amounts to 430 kg. Various suction plates depending on the kind of application can be exchanged easily through a quick-release coupling system. The swing range of the crane arm amounts to 320° at a working radius of 3,500 mm. In this way, a working range of 7,000 mm may be achieved. The Vacu-Pallet-Mobile can be used for transportation of precast elements of a total weight of 1,600 kg and up to 140 kg single weight as well as for laying the same by means of a foldable extension arm. The mast can quickly be adjusted for safe paving. Depending on the requirement different suction plates furnished with quick-release coupling for easy exchange are available. The extension arm can be folded for transportation purposes. As far as the drive system in concerned, the Optimas Vacu-Mobile Allrounder is similarly designed. It is a tracked vehicle likewise running on a rubber chain, however, is obviously smaller at a width of 900 mm. Thus, passing narrow places might not cause any difficulty. The machine is furnished with four hydraulically steered supporting legs and is able to place pallets of up to 140 kg. The foldable extension arm having a swing range of 360° achieves a working range of 3,000 mm. Having a lifting capacity of 500 kg/1,500 kg depending on the equipment at a deadweight of just 115/175 kg and compact dimensions the new Optimas Vacu-Magnet 500/1,500 comes up. It can be attached to all suitable types of loaders such as telescopic vehicles, wheel loaders, mini-excavators, etc.    

Optimas Maschinenfabrik H. Kleinemas GmbH 26683 Saterland-Ramsloh/Germany  Tel.: +49 44 9892 420 Fax: +49 44 9892 4242

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