Fastening systems for precast concrete components

The incorporation of fastening elements in precast concrete components intended for underground engineering can already be done during manufacturing. For this purpose, anchor channels and corresponding bolts are a costeffective and simultaneously safe option. Embedding anchor channels in concrete allows without any problems later assembly of installations, supporting of loads or even connecting of precast concrete components among each other.
The Jordahl®-anchor channels with national technical approval offered by Deutsche Kahneisen GmbH allow – in difference to dowels – the transfer of loads to precast components without any damage of the same. The anchor channels are fixed to the formwork. To prevent fresh concrete penetrating in the channel slot, a foam filling is inserted in the channels. Anchor channels are in the position to support loads in all directions at each bolt. Assembly and fine adjustment of the fastening is infinitely variable in longitudinal direction of the channel, allowing to adjust even larger dimensional tolerances easily. Even if cast-in near edge, Jordahl anchor channels yet support high loads. Therefore, these anchor channels are also suitable for filigree or heavily reinforced precast components. Any shrinkage and creeping of the concrete components do not have any influence on the safety of the fastening system. Even cracked concrete in the area of tensile load or dense reinforcement do not affect the load-bearing capacity. In accordance with the specific requirements, anchor channels of the Berlin-based company are made of steel according to German standard DIN EN 10025 or stainless steel according to DIN EN 10088.

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