6th Innovation Day "The Future of Construction"

BT Innovation is inviting for the 6th Innovation Day in the Herrenkrug Parkhotel in Magdeburg/Germany on the 5th November 2009. As on the previous events inventions and new ideas will be in the focus. One of the main issues on the Innovation Day will be the handling of trademarks and trademark rights. One of Europe´s biggest law firms will give a presentation on this topic. Sealings and further technical improvements of sealings as well as their fields of application will also be discussed.  


Electronic tool- and material tracking and people identification (RFID/ Auto-ID)

Auto-ID solutions to improve constructional- and information flow processes to provide a better comprehensibility of procedures and the reduction of costs.

New materials and new possibilities for sealing waterproof concrete basements and more

Since the WU guideline in 2003 a series of innovative joint sealing systems have been permitted. New sealing possibilities and the advantages will be presented in context to traditional systems.

Secure an advantage through patents and trade mark rights

Today it’s more important than ever to gain a competitive advantage by protecting ones ideas. Research and development are expensive. It’s a long and time consuming way from good idea to production line status, marketing and distribution. Protection is especially important for small and easy ideas.

Cement without clinker and up to 50% savings of CO2

Cement consists of Portland cement clinker which has a high output of CO2. By now it is possible to create a binder based on alkaline-activated slag as an alternative which secures the excellent properties of the concrete.

Vacuum as a revolution for insulation – 5 to 10 times better results

Energy efficiency measures, especially in residential buildings, start with the reduction of heat loss of the cladding. Evacuated elements in the form of vacuum insulation panels (VIP) provide a 5 to 10 times more efficient insulation solution than traditional materials particularly regarding the required space. The integration of such elements into the clogging – with the required planning but also some specifics carrying it out in practise- is a “revolution in building insulation”.

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