Huntsman to inject color into Middle East Concrete Show

Across the Middle East construction market, demand for colored concrete continues to grow with an increasing number of architects incorporating vibrant shades into the design of buildings and structures for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

To help concrete producers keep pace with this trend, global chemical company Huntsman is attending the Middle East Concrete show in Dubai November, 23rd to 26th. At the event, Huntsman will share information and advice about the innovative pigments and additives available to manufacturers that want to inject color into their cement portfolio and differentiate their offering.

Huntsman is a leading supplier of dry and liquid pigments to the concrete industry and has a variety of chemistries that can be used to create decorative cements of different hues and tints. The business also offers automated dispensing equipment, installation and start-up assistance alongside ongoing technical and marketing support.


Iron Oxide and Ferroxide iron oxide pigments in Dubai

At the Middle East Concrete show Huntsman will promote its Iron Oxide and Ferroxide iron oxide pigments, which have a high tint strength and can deliver clean consistent colors. It will also be highlighting solutions from its Granufin pigment granule range. Granufin pigments are free flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free. Featuring a special binding ingredient, Granufin pigments stay intact during transportation and metering, helping to create a cleaner manufacturing environment.

In Dubai, Huntsman will also talk to visitors about its liquid Hydrotint pigment slurries. Based on high-quality synthetic pigments such as iron oxide, chrome oxide, titanium dioxide and carbon pigment, these aqueous pigment dispersions are especially formulated for the creation of colored concrete. Concrete formulators looking to source metering and dispensing equipment should also head to the Huntsman stand MEC G177 at Middle East Concrete show at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai.

Huntsman has offices in Dubai and pigment and additive production plants around the globe. For more information about Huntsman’s range of pigments and machines for the concrete industry, go to



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