5000 m³ Climate Concrete: Climate Protection and Material Innovation

Figure: CarStorCon

Figure: CarStorCon
CarStorCon Technologies has successfully realised 5000 m³ of climate concrete, impressively demonstrating that active climate protection and groundbreaking material innovation are already a reality.

Through the combination of resource savings and active carbon removal, not only 72 tons of CO2 were saved, but also 450 tons of existing CO2 were permanently removed from the atmosphere. BCR (Biochar Carbon Removal) is one of the most promising negative emissions technologies as it is technologically mature and can already capture and permanently store CO2 from the atmosphere today. CarStorCon is implementing this technology in the construction industry, thus advancing the industry towards its climate protection goals. With carbon-storing materials, the construction industry can become a significant player in the fight against climate change.

The Technology

To reduce the CO2 footprint of concrete, CarStorCon Technologies has developed the CE-certified additive Clim@Add, which turns building materials into active carbon sinks and can significantly reduce the cement content in concrete. The additive is based on technical carbon produced from the thermochemical conversion of woody residual streams. Instead of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere, it is permanently bound in the concrete, and certificates are issued for the removed CO2. CarStorCon Technologies' climate concrete thus becomes a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material with tremendous potential, under certain conditions surpassing even a reference concrete in its properties.

The Projects

The implemented projects include single-family houses, office buildings, workshops, technical buildings, and precast concrete elements. Essentially, any type of concrete can be realised, and no special procedure is required for its application. CarStorCon Technologies collaborates with regional partners and tailors solutions to local requirements, creating local value chains and further reducing emissions.

Dominik Dunst, CEO of Sonnenerde GmbH, stated, “With CarStorCon®, we have found a partner who advances our vision of climate-neutral buildings, right here with us and alongside us. We used climate concrete for our new production hall in Riedlingsdorf because we want to think comprehensively about climate protection beyond our products."

All reference projects can be found at https://carstorcon.technology/en/referenzen/ . CarStorCon technology opens up new perspectives for environmentally conscious construction and paves the way for a sustainable future in the construction industry. The company is proud to contribute to addressing the climate crisis and making the construction industry a driving force in environmental protection.

"Through our realised projects, we have shown the way for a more sustainable construction industry and demonstrated that active climate protection and material innovation can go hand in hand," says Axel Preuß, founder and CEO of CarStorCon Technologies. "Our climate concrete is an important step in reducing the construction industry's CO2 footprint and making a positive contribution to climate protection."


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