System and method for integrated colouring top surface of claddings and concrete paving stones

(10) EP 4 043 169 A1

(22) 07.02.2022

(43) 17.08.2022

(57) The invention is a machine (100) for spraying colour on the top surface of claddings in a process of manufacturing them. An apparatus (100) for spraying fluid phase colouris integrated into a claddingmanufacturing machine (200) and synchronized with the manufacturing of the claddings. The apparatus is attached to the basket (235) through which the concrete of the claddings is poured into a mould (220) on a working table (225), and colour spraying initiates after completing the concrete filling phase of the manufacturing of the cladding andthe basket (235) retreats to its startingpoint. Colour guns (140), attached to the basket (235) connect to colour buckets (110) and pump (125) and condensed air pumps to deliver sprayed fluid colour onto the top surface of the claddings. A control unit controlsthe colour sprayingaccording to any sequential, parallel or pre-selected program or set of values of the parameters that determine the final design or pattern on the claddings surface.

(71) Ackerstein Industries Ltd Herzlia, IL

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